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bridging the gap between hardware and software

Helping you bridge the gap between your Hardware and Software needs

Custom hardware accelerator design to meet performance requirements at the Edge

Comprehensive Analysis, Design 
and Implementation

We perform a deep analysis of your application and architect a system that leverages hardware and software to achieve your product objectives. Our team realizes the design into a fully functional system.

Multi-domain expertise to solve 
complex problems

Whether Computer Vision or Software Defined Radio, FPGA or a custom SoC, our broad expertise will ensure your platform has the capacity to support your unique application, current and future.


Platform Exploration and Definition

We perform a thorough analysis of your target application and derive performance specifications. We identify the device platform that will meet those specifications. Whether off-the-shelf, FPGA, or custom SoC, our experts ensure your platform has the capacity to support your applications.

Custom Hardware Accelerator Design

The era of Domain Specific Acceleration is here! More and more applications will leverage specialized on-chip compute accelerators. Our hardware design engineers analyze your most critical algorithm workloads and design hardware accelerators that maximize their performance.

Embedded Systems Development

Putting it all together! High-performance applications require integration and optimization across the entirety of the platform, hardware, and software stack. Our expertise in baremetal and Embedded Linux development will help you reach your product goals in the timeframe your market demands.



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