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Designing high performance systems is challenging. We have solutions!

The era of Edge Computing is here and is evolving quickly. Creating an “on Edge” device means tackling strict size, weight and power requirements while supporting a rapidly evolving class of AI algorithms. For many organizations, realizing a Edge device is a prohibitively challenging, costly, and risky endeavor.

At SiliconScapes we are high performance hardware and software engineers with the skill to keep you competitive in the era of Edge AI. Whether creating custom hardware to accelerate your special algorithm or optimizing your existing software stack to maximize performance, our full stack expertise will help you distinguish your Edge product from the competition.

Let our expertise in hardware and software help you tackle Edge AI on time, and at a tractable cost.

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Hardware Accelerator Design
Hardware/Software Optimization
Virtual Platform Development
Performance Analysis & Validation
System Architecture Exploration
Algorithm Analysis & Optimization
Functional Verification
Silicon Emulation & Validation
Linux Driver Development
Interface Protocol Implementation
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