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bridging the gap between hardware and software


Hardware Architecture & Design

The era of Domain Specific Acceleration is here! More and more applications will leverage specialized on-chip compute accelerators. Our hardware design engineers analyze your most critical algorithm workloads and design hardware accelerators that maximize their performance.

FPGA Development, Prototyping & Verification

Utilizing FPGA technology can have significant engineering cost benefits in the early stages of prototyping or for low to moderate yield applications. Developement for FPGA requires a specialized skillset that can be costly to maintain in house. Let our 15+ years of FPGA design expertise minimize the risk and cost of your next FPGA project.

Embedded Systems Development

Putting it all together! High-performance applications require integration and optimization across the entirety of the platform, hardware, and software stack. Our expertise in baremetal and Embedded Linux development will help you reach your product goals in the timeframe your market demands.

Helping you bridge the gap between your Hardware and Software needs


Let our expertise in hardware and software co-design help you tackle Edge AI on time, and at a competitive cost.

Artificial Intelligence has arrived at the Edge! From steering driverless cars to orchestrating the operation of smart factories, Edge AI is a disruptive technology for all industries.

Designing high performance systems is challenging

Today’s AI is a mix of traditional and Deep Learning algorithms that are computationally intensive

Deploying on the edge imposes strict Size, Weight, and Power constraints

The development cost of an Edge AI device must match deployment volume expectations. READ MORE...

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